Voices from the Sea

Dusk falls fast as the tide goes high

From the wondrous sea a breeze sweeps by

Bearing tidings of Mother Nature’s approval

Of an age-long force that defies removal


There, in the wondrous expanse of the aquatic theatre

Where but a few play with creatures of the water

As the moon brightly smiles and the stars twinkly dance

And the crickets creak like it’s their last chance


There, do we laugh at the miles that separated us

Chit-chatting and agreeing it was but a plus

Distance, they say, has a way with fondness

For there, by the waves of the sea are we to witness


There, entwined, stand we, you and I

As whispers, birds and minutes fly by

Beckoning the imminent helpless longing

That comes with your departure’s dawning


There, in the howling and clapping

Of waves that come surging and snapping

Emerge boats of whispers and jests from the sea

Reminding us of the distance that soon will be


There, in the roaring of the colossal sea

Are voices asking what else we can see

And there, in our eyes, see we what we seek

As we look on in silence, and none shall speak



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