For ages you reigned and waxed strong

Clouding their being for a time so long

For years you rained unspeakable wrongs

Limiting their abilities with contrived thongs

Brother, the women are coming….


You kept them in the kitchen as you ate their chicken

You buried their dreams, so you could live your own

You gagged their tongues, so yours could wag

You covered their heads so yours could be seen

You made them lie to protect your name

It’s all over now, man, the women are coming!


You used your muscles to find your way

You assumed it was the way to satisfy your urges

Ignoring their pleas for you to stop

You claimed they didn’t know what they want

And took their NO to mean their YES

Your time is up, the women have come!


You maneuvered your way into powerful places

And made yourself the master of all

You surrounded yourself with your penile kind

And removed the rungs to halt their ascent

You stifled their tongues and drowned their voices

This you’ll do no more, the women have come.


You rode a wave of bloated superiority

Nourishing your ego on traditional norms

You diminished their chances by tethering them

To domestic chores and lowly paying stations

You gave them crumbs while you kept the buttered bit

Your time is up, the women have come!


They’re leaders running governments and managing trade

And auditors making sense of the books you messed up

They are directors and managers of companies and humans

And researchers discovering new ways to arrest global problems

Still find it hard to believe these lines?

There’s a new game in town, man, the women have come!


They’re campaigners seeking justice and equality for all

And communicators telling the world patriarchy was but a lie

They’re doctors fixing broken limbs and saving precious lives

And engineers and architects with skills to tap into

They’re teachers and professors imparting new knowledge

Get on board, bro, the women are here!


They’re shaking traditions that kept them in bondage

And challenging dubious beliefs that sustained the injustice

They’ve taken charge of their bodies and their destiny

And reclaimed their space in the uneven human sphere

They’ve recovered their voices and now they speak up

Listen, it’s real, man, the women, are here!